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No Man is an Island

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No man is an island

No Man is an Island


The growth of my clients, my networks and myself are intertwined. I'm happy to refer work to more appropriately placed advisors in the interests of my clients and enjoy it when they reciprocate.


From time to time I'm prepared to assume a more hands on approach and work on client projects in exchange for equity.  And on occasion I have assumed the strategic roles of MD, COO, CFO, General Counsel and Company Secretary with a handful of select clients so as to further grow and mentor their organisations.

I've assisted clients at board level, attended road shows, presented on their behalf and done their bidding in Europe, Nth America and Asia.


Current projects include assisting the Spotlight & Anaconda in-house legal teams; membership of the Home of Lights advisory board; Travel Editor for Snow Action Magazine; and director of Karma Currency Foundation.

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