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Ari Bergman, General Counsel

In my role, I am always on the look out for a good lawyer who is (in no particular order) practical, commercial and business minded, sensible, smart, honest and transparent, proactive when necessary, efficient, aware of tax and accounting issues, good to work with, and (most rare of all) reasonable on fees. I found one in David Windsor and would highly recommend him to others for both large and small commercial transactions.


Sheldon Dyer, IT Manager

"I have utilised David on several occasions for legal advice and services in relation to fairly detailed IT contracts and tenders. David has an excellent grasp of the IT industry, terminologies and directions which lets him excel in relation to technically oriented contracts. David is excellent in understanding the commercial outcomes required by the business but also in clearly articulating risk to ensure his client's are fully informed in the decision making process. I have also found David forthright, reliable and provides excellent customer service. He works with you to achieve your outcomes and is always available to assist. I highly recommend his services and capability."

Cricket Australia

Professor Richard Silberstein, CEO

I write to express sincere appreciation for the outstanding quality of your advice and services. This was especially appreciated over the last twelve months when Neuro-Insight was involved in a protracted fundraising process. Your ability to conduct a demanding IP due diligence exercise in a prompt and rigorous manner was extremely impressive, especially when the charge for this outstanding work was less than half that of rival law firms. Your grasp of and interest in technology makes you an ideal legal advisor for any high-tech venture. In addition your outstanding efficiency is combined with a genuine personal service par excellence - gladly travelling to meet me at my offices upon request. In summary, I find it difficult to recommend your services too highly.

Neuro Insight

Jon Manning, Director

There's one thing you expect when you buy legal services: buyers remorse. Unless you get those legal services from David.


Most lawyers are an expense. David creates legal assets for your business, and I'd have no hesitation recommending him to anyone fortunate enough to secure his services.


Thanks David


Michelle McLean, CEO



"David is a superb lawyer with a commercial mind. His business acumen is very impressive."

Cornwall Stodart Lawyers

Pip Stocks, Director



"David has helped us create the business structure for fivefootfour and executed all our start up documentation. He is very good at what he does, always available to debate our next steps and a great confidante. I would recommend David for any start up business."


Amantha Imber, Director



"I have used David as my lawyer for a couple of years. He gets the job done really well, is great value for money, and has been very helpful with various legal questions I have had. I would recommend him to other small business owners."


Don Hilton, Director

David has added real value to the Group and has always been able to advise, guide and solve issues and problems. A great legal mind and operator...a real asset to our business. Proactive in his thought patterns, we rely greatly on his knowledge, ethics and results. Also a great sense of humour....highly recommended.


Richard Stanwix, CEO

I chuckled to myself as...tongue in cheek...I suggested "Personal Trainer" as the best category in which to recommend Dave. Then, the more I thought about it the more fitting it was. Dave is my lawyer for a number of business interests, large (ok, medium) and small, but the real value is in his commercial advice and, well, training! Because Dave is so commercially focussed and a no-nonsense, straight talking lawyer we quickly solve issues (or nail down opportunities) but it always feels more like rock and roll than law. I have a simple rule, if I have to pay an adviser more than I can charge clients for my expertise then I need to come out the other end knowing I couldn't have done it myself. Dave, tick.

Business Protection Group

Louise Schultze, CEO



David is without a doubt the best Business Lawyer I have come across. He uses his cutting edge approach to get the job done right everytime.  He has an excellent eye for detail and his advice in the matters of business and due diligence is spot on. I highly recommend David to anyone needing counsel or advice in Business.


Liana Lucca-Pope, Proprietor



David is an undeniable asset to our company, providing professional support and expertise when and if we need it and displaying genuine care. This ongoing relationship has proved invaluable to the smooth running of our business as he has a high degree of general business and legal know-how as well as being able to think outside the box. We have been particularly grateful for his ability to clarify complicated legal terminology and processes.


Ankur Mishra, CEO



David is a detail oriented and very focused individual. I have worked with him for many years and have been using his services on regular basis, he certainly knows his field well but also has knack for IT, new business (start ups), and what is generally going around in the "market"; which is a great bonus. Along with legal he also gives sound business advice. I highly recommend him!



Daryus Aden, General Manager

"Having worked with David extensively I can confidently recommend him to anyone looking for clear, concise and practical legal advice. David's strengths lie in his ability to get to the core of the problem at hand, be it strategic or operational whilst keeping it real, and understandable for his clients through clear communication, clarification of goals and the development and execution of a strategy to get your business where it needs to be."



John Wright, Managing Director

I have found David to be a large asset to our business and he is like having a lawyer/adviser on staff. David has been with me since inception in 2000 and has advised us on business structuring, tax, HR, exit strategies, even accounting & IT! Dave's strength is his vast general knowledge and common sense approach. He demystifies the law making it easy for us to make informed & timely decisions. Each year if we look at our fees invoiced and what David has saved us in real dollars across the business, it is incredible what the net gain is. David also advises on how our external accounts are performing and over the past 5 years he has made sure we are getting the correct attention/and are structured correctly to ensure our business is profitable paying the least tax


Big Box Brands

Mike Burgess, Director

Gullf Ag & Rygel Australia have used David Windsor to provide advice, due diligence and documentation for a range of commercial deals, including equity transfers & purchases, transfers of IP and inventory, resultant tax consequences, and a recent cross border (China) capital raising. We've found David to be outstanding in his attention to detail, timeliness and effectiveness. David's best attribute is his ability to minimise the amount of "to-ing and fro-ing" - he efficiently captures our instructions, asks the right questions & delivers what we want. Simple as that.


Rygel Australia

Phil McFarlane, CEO

PI Logo 2010


"David has been (and still is) instrumental in guiding our business through our 'start up' phase. From the set up of our equity ownership model through to playing an advisory oversite role as our business grows, David has provided us with a wealth of legal and commercial expertise that has been invaluable. Above all, he is engaging and relates well to our leadership team. We see David as a critical component in assisting us as our business grows in the future."

Platinum Insight

Gary Rowe, CEO

HFCA Logo 240306


"David has an excellent knowledge of all aspects Commercial Law and unlike the major firms doesn't take a mortgae over your home and first born child."

Home Finance Centres of Australia

Andrew Fortelny, Director



"David has provided Almax with excellent commercial advice and helped guide Almax in the right direction with a huge focus on Risk Management. I have no hesitation in recommending David to assist your business."

Mat Boek

IT Consultant


"I have known David for over 8 years and have made use of his services many times, everything from preparation of wills and advice on a company shareholder agreement, to preparation of a family trust. Every time David has produced excellent results, and offered no-nonsense, straight down the line advice. He has always demonstrated the utmost integrity and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Robert Drew

IT Consultant


"David provided me firstly with expert advice in setting up my business and I felt completely confident in his work. The structure has proven successful and subsequent work in restructuring my property interests has given me greater protection as well as a more dynamic business model from a legal perspective. I would recommend David without hesitation if you want accurate, unbiased and the best legal advice."

Roz Germov

Barrister at Law & Migration Agent


Dave is very approachable and down to earth. He is knowledgeable about tax and corporate law matters and has had hands on experience in managing companies and businesses that enables him to add value to his advice which is commercially orientated and practical - a quality often lacking in many corporate lawyers working in the big firms.

Alexander Attard, Director


I met David many years ago through a mutual business associate. So high is David's calibre that he was back then he was recommended to me as the best at what he does.


My recommendation would be, that anyone looking for a business associate, lawyer, that is absolutely 100% down the line, cuts through red tape, articulate and gets results David certainly fits the bill.

David has represented our company on a number of occasions and certainly we have also acquired advice from David. Each and every time David's advice and service as been second to non.


With his street wise flare, professional conduct and integrity David is able to cater for any situation. If it's results your after David is certainly has our recommendation.


I would not hesitate to recommend David to any collegue or business associate of mine.

Crash IT

Joel Maloney, Managing Director 33 Interactions


"I have had the pleasure of working side by side with David Windsor for one year now, and in that time we have become great friends and have seen our company 33 Interactions grow substantially. David has played a huge role in contributing to our success due to his superb business acumen, passion for strategy and his drive to simply be smarter than the rest. If you are looking for a cowboy, then move on as this man is the real deal.

David is honest, approachable and speaks with conviction and common sense. You will not find a vague and waffling commercial lawyer here, you will only find yourself being impressed with a plethora of business knowledge ranging from Law, Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Business Operations. Dave is the man, and we are happy to have him on board."

Jeeva Sathurayar, Head of Strategy Planning


FA Interactive

"David is a great friend, a compassionate human being, and a peer in the areas of commercial law, business strategy, and planning and marketing strategy. In particular, David Windsor gets companies back on track by re-working the business strategy, aligning processes with strategy, and by creating a high performance culture.


A Master of Law and a Bachelor of Economics combined with a high degree of skill, knowledge and experience allows David to bring success to any company, large or small. Indeed, David has served on the boards of several technology organisations, and has successfully led interactive marketing companies.

I have been fortunate to have David's wisdom, business acumen, experience and his knowledge of management best practise on my side. He is well versed in areas including but not limited to contract negotiation and preparation, international licensing; IP protection; dispute resolution; company secretarial; budgeting; and corporate governance.

He has definitely changed my perspective on business and marketing strategy and provided valuable advice to a range of start-ups via his own successful independent legal and commercial practice.

In short, if you desire honest constructive commercial advice, or you need help getting your company "on track," David Windsor is your man."